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Whenever I eat bánh mì I find that one is generally not enough. The pickled daikon & carrots, fresh cilantro, and crunchy jalapenos are what make a bánh mì. If it weren’t for those veggie toppings it would just be another pedestrian sandwich. The only thing that I’ve found to be rather hit and miss with these sandwiches is the rice flour baguette. It may be advertised as lighter and crispier than its french baguette counterpart but I’ve determined that its just code for dry and hard. A good old french baguette that’s not too hard and gummy does the trick just fine.

Generally when I make a bánh mì I just go to the local asian market and get a random tube of mystery meat and pate. Deli meat from grocery store is just not the same, must be all that MSG. But this time around I decided to make meatballs to change it up a bit and because I wanted a hot sandwich. These aren’t really legit vietnamese meatballs because there is no fish sauce in sight, and apparently it can’t be viet without fish sauce. But really what am I suppose to do with 1L of fish sauce after I make these meatballs? Exactly. Nothing. The color was also kind of off because I didn’t have coco caramel syrup, so they weren’t as dark as they should have been. I also just started throwing random shit into the meat because I didn’t really know what was suppose to be in it and I couldn’t really find a decent recipe. Whatever.

Its a bastardized sandwich but as Val puts it “panda express orange chicken tastes pretty damn good too”.

Bastardized Bánh Mì Xíu Mại
french baguette
pickled daikon & carrots
sliced cucumbers
sliced jalapenos
kewpie mayo

1. Split the baguette down the side and hollow out a bit of the inside. This makes it easier to keep all the filling inside the sandwich.
2. Spread on some mayo and pile everything else onto the sandwich.

Garbage Xíu Mại
2 lbs ground pork
5 finely minced garlic cloves
1 tbsp white pepper
1 tsp black pepper
4 finely diced shiitake mushrooms
1 cup finely diced wood ear fungus
1 stalk finely diced green onions
0.25 cup finely diced yellow onions
0.5 cup sake
3 tbsp corn starch
3 tbsp canola oil
2 tbsp hondashi
2 large eggs
soy sauce

1. Whip the pork with sake and oil. This gives the meatball a lighter texture.
2. Combine everything else with the pork and let it chill for an hour or two.
3. Divide the meat mixture and form patties/balls/links
3. In a hot oiled pan or grill, cook until golden brown.