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wow. I am totally inept at taking pictures. Dun worry, I will work on it. Mebbe. So, green onion chicken. This was a case of rapidly rotting green onions in the frig, like 6 whole bunches of them, and the inbred need for me not to waste it. I think this green onion sauce is something that you can use for many other dishes (ie. steak sauce, salad dressing, seafood, pancake topping?? the last ones kinda iffy, but you get the picture it’s a versatile sauce.)

For me nothing is worse than a dry chicken. Getting rotissierie (especially at school) is like playing roulette, I always get a side of barbeque sauce or gravy because 95% of the time its like eating cardboard. But the 5% of the time that its moist and juicy makes it worth all the guesswork.

Through all my cooking escapades I have determined that the easiest way to make sure that your chicken stays moist is to either steam it or boil it. The only unfortunate thing about these cooking methods is that the skin becomes all soggy and it just doesn’t taste the same as a roasted or pan seared chicken. But whatever, it still tastes fine. So this is another family recipe with my little twists to it.

Green Onion Sauce
6 bundles (or 30 stalks) thinly sliced green onion
2 tbsp finely chopped cilantro
2 cups canola oil (if not canola oil, choose another neutral oil)
chicken bouillon
dashi powder
white pepper
black pepper
grated ginger

1. Make sure the green onions and cilantro are mostly dry before you start putting the sauce together
2. Mix all the ingredients together except for the oil. the spices are added to taste (not all of them are necessary, but you have to add salt)
3. Slowly stir in the oil as you mix, you may or may not use up all oil (the amount of oil needed depends on how much green onion you actually get and how wet it is). stop when all the green onions have been throughly coated and are just starting to swim in the oil.
4. Let it sit for ~1-2 hours before serving

Boiled Chicken
6 chicken thighs (you can use other cuts of chicken just make sure you adjust the cooking time accordingly)
chicken bouillon

1. Just cover the chicken thighs with water in a large stock pot and let it simmer
2. Add salt and chicken bouillon to the water (you don’t want to cook out all the flavor of the chicken or else it just taste bland)
3. Just let it simmer until cooked through
4. Take out the chicken thighs and serve with green onion sauce
5. The chicken stock can reserved for other uses